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I love books and other randomness

Random updates on my life:

  • I’ve finally gotten back into reading. I think I finished no fewer than three books in the last week and have started a fourth. Aren’t you proud of me? The books I’ve finished are Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (as you already knew), Revelations of a Single Woman by Connally Gilliam, and Unfashionable by Tullian Tchividjian. I would recommend them all to different audiences. P&P&Z needs to be read by fun-loving P&P philes. Revelations is a great read for post-college, pre-dating gals like me. And Unfashionable? Cool for young thinking Christians.
  • The fourth book I’m reading is Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church by D. A. Carson. It’s one of the few books I actually bought without having read it beforehand, and I’m already glad I did. There are so many things I can identify with in the emergent movement, yet I know that I’m not satisfied with their solutions, so I’m anxious to finish it. I’ll probably be reading that later on tonight.
  • My car window still doesn’t roll up all the way. I’ve rigged up a plastic-covered cardboard panel that I can affix to the car door when it’s parked, to keep the overnight storms from drenching my seat, but I do need to get it to the shop sometime in the next week…
  • I had a pork burger on Tuesday evening and it actually was pretty tasty.
  • I miss college friends. Pretty sure not a one of them lives in the same state I do. And now two of my best ones live in an entirely different hemisphere. How am I supposed to survive this? Smile with tongue out
  • Last night, when I wrote this, I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30. I’ve been up entirely too late most nights this week. I made it to bed by eleven on Tuesday night, I think, but that was the only day this week I wasn’t up past that. And my bedtime’s supposed to be about ten!


Abby said…
Good for you; don't you feel so accomplished finishing books? :-D

The van doesn't work at all?

I had Stromboli & funnel cake tonight?

You've got cousins to compensate. :-)

I awoke Friday at 5:30a and didn't go to bed until Saturday at 1a. :-) Not feeling tired when you should go to bed and then being really tired when you have to get up is unfortunate. :-)
Sarah said…
Yes, I feel accomplished finishing books. :D

You'd know more about the van than I do...

Why are you ending all those sentences with ?

Yes, that is quite an unfortunate set of circumstances! I feel that way sometimes... but only when I have to get up for a morning meeting. :)
Abby said…
Because? :-D

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