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I went to Washington: A preview

DSCF2686Washington, D.C. Not Washington State. That’s a lot farther away from rural Indiana.

Anyhow, I spent Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon in our nation’s great capital, and just now uploaded 170 photos to Facebook. So if you’re my Facebook friend you can see pix! However, if you’re not, I will have a few up on my blog in the next several days. I’ll also write up some stories for your entertainment (or edification!) as I get the time. Maybe Monday.

In the meantime, here’s some historical eye candy. I’ll try to get a bit more posted with the stories and observations I brought home. I was there for a journalism conference, I should explain, but managed to stay an extra day in order to have much more sightseeing time.





Abby said…
But Chicago and Indy are equally close that'd you considered flying out of Chi?
Anonymous said…
Still waiting for more pictures . . .
Carol M.
Sarah said…
Abby: Well, actually pretty sure I'm closer to Indy, but not completely positive, and I decided on Indy in part because it's a smaller airport. Our seamstress extraordinaire cousin made the same decision a little while ago.

Carol: A few more are up. I should have some more posted tomorrow as well, barring technical difficulties!

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