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I’m buying a house.

There, I updated my blog. Smile





…..OK, so I’ll do a little more than that. (As my editor constantly quips – don’t say I never gave you anything!)

It’s true, I’m buying a house. God pretty much dropped this wonderful little two-bedroom house into my lap. I saw it before it went on the market and the owners were thrilled to get the selling part out of the way before they’d even started looking for their next house. I’ll be sure to post a couple pictures of the inside once I get moved in later this summer!

Sometimes, when it hits me again that I’M BUYING A HOUSE, I can’t help smiling and jumping for joy. Or at least bouncing up and down in my seat.

Also, I’m now more an editor than a reporter at the paper I work at (though I still do a fair bit of reporting). The newsroom staff lost one position and the managing editor and I ended up having to split the duties of the associate editor, whose position is now lost to oblivion. (Story of the industry.) With that change comes a bit of a schedule change – I now work mostly second shift hours. Kinda-sorta. It’s always been hard to explain my schedule, and while this makes it slightly easier it’s still complicated!

I have been matched with a Little in the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and am enjoying getting to know her through games, time at the park, other things 8-year-olds enjoy doing.

I bought a kayak a couple of weeks ago and am itching to make someone go kayaking with me SOON!

And the weather improved greatly over the past couple of weeks (aside from that flood-inducing spring storm…) so I’ve been able to take my bike out on a few rides.

All of that pretty much sums up why I’ve not updated my blog in about a month. In fact, I didn’t realize it had been so long until an old friend emailed me Sunday night begging for an update.

So, this post is dedicated to Carol. Don’t say I never gave you anything!Smile


Abby said…
You are silly. :-D
Anonymous said…
Well, I am still delighted to see an update and to see my name in print! :-) I am so happy for you, Sarah! Sounds like you are enjoying life! Love, Carol
Anonymous said…
By the way, I love how you put that one-liner about updating your blog and nothing else! What an initial disappointment--but I DID remember to scroll down! So thanks again for catering to me!
Love from your OLD friend, Carol
Sarah said…
:) I thought you two would enjoy the little joke I was playing!k
Marjorie Brown said…
This house must have been so lovely, that you’re instantly sold the moment you saw it. I’ll try to look for that entry where you posted all its photos. Also, you bought a kayak? No wonder you weren’t able to update your blog for a long time. You truly had a lot of exciting things going on back then. Cheers!

Marjorie Brown @ Jamie Hooper

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