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Life on my own #43: Dishwashing

I kid you not: One of the best things about my house is its dishwasher.

That dishwasher means I don't have to submerge my hands in HOT water when it's 90 degrees outside. It means I can blissfully read, or write, or watch episodes of Merlin, while my dishes magically clean themselves. It's like the animals cleaning the house in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Except if I found any animals in my dishwasher, I would probably not start singing.

The only trouble comes when something goes wrong with my dishwasher. Then I have to put on my handyman cap and figure out how to fix it.

The other day I discovered a couple inches of water in the bottom of my dishwasher after I ran it. Thinking it would go away if I ran another cycle, I did. No dice.

It wouldn't even go away if I hit the "drain" button on the control panel. (Saying that makes me feel like I'm piloting a KitchenAid spaceship. Captain, the controls are not responding!)

A little Googling later, I decided to check the dishwasher's feed into the sink drain. Watching a little bit of water trickle out as yet another "drain" cycle operated, I decided to poke around in the hole some. Poking things solves everything, just like duct tape.

Lo and behold, there was gunk. And more gunk. The used toothbrush I had stored by the sink took off some of it, but I had to resort to a pen cap to scrap out the rest.

As I did so, the trickle became a spritz became a decent spray of water flowing out of the dishwasher and into the sink drain.

I was pretty proud of myself at that moment. And thankful that I didn't have to wash the sinkful of dishes myself -- it was way too hot outside. So I let the wondrous machine work its magic.

Did I mention how much I love my dishwasher?


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