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Compendium of Links #43: Fourth of July edition

Welcome to this SPECIAL EDITION of the Compedium! I’m off to work today but I had a little time this morning to clean out some more tabs from my browser… and to cull links from my email, as I’ve started to do a bit more reading on my phone and haven’t figured out a feasible way to save links from there other than by emailing them to myself. (If you have suggestions, especially ones that involve Firefox, I’m all ears.)

Of course, none of these links actually have anything to do with Independence Day… but I don’t mind. I hope you don’t.

I don’t quite believe this: Indianapolis’s single guys are willing to spend some three times the national average on a first date – and a website claims that the sum amounts to $226. Like, what could you possibly do on a first date that costs that much?? (For this link, I have to thank… my single male living-in-Indy cousin.)

Anthony Bradley, a regular contributor (I think) to World Magazine, takes a short hop over to Journey through NYC Religions to plug his new book – about racism within Calvinism/Presbyterian strains of Christianity.

Many white evangelicals are resistant to the fact that racism remains in contexts driven by “the gospel.” However, because sin still exists, there is no reason to believe that racism will simply magically disappear or that we simply need to “get over it” and “move on.”

Mad Libs and peer pressure come together to form the culture’s subtle conformist push. “Too many times, I’ve heard people who are deliberating over a decision say: “I would do this, but I don’t want to be a bigot/idiot/prude/slut/goody-two-shoes.” In short, they don’t want to be a label.”

I need this Useless Box.

For your entertainment this week: My second-favorite parody of Twilight… and my favorite parody of Journey. (My first-favorite Twilight parody is the one Dave Barry is responsible for.)

Seriously, if YOU were 104 years old, wouldn’t you spend your life somewhere other than high school?


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