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Compendium of Links #57

The past few weeks have been going by in a blur. It's likely to only worsen until about the end of June. I know there's something going on every weekend until at least Memorial Day. And I don't know whether to be extremely excited or tired just at the thought of it. :P Fortunately, the weekends all involve people I love dearly so I think the excitement will overcome the fear of getting tired out.

New Age Bullsh*t Generator - The computer algorithm spits out a lot of gibberish disguised as New Age enlightenment, much to my amusement: "The complexity of the present time seems to demand an awakening of our chakras if we are going to survive. Suffering is the antithesis of understanding. Bondage is born in the gap where joy has been excluded." And so on.

Test your European geography knowledge with this interactive map! You get points for naming a country on the first try! I've gotten pretty good with the Slavic countries, surprisingly enough - which I attribute to having heard a speaker from Bosnia-Herzegovina recently.

It's Always Spilling Over the Edges - Sometimes there's something serious on BuzzFeed. Here, an essayist reflects on empathy, pain vs. suffering and the shame of telling one's story. (I.e., the kind of telling that might evoke the rebuke "stop wallowing in it! Move on!")

A new book teaches Chinese characters via memory games that turn the characters into pictures that you can actually understand. It's probably a great approach, especially for visual people.

Surprised by N.T. Wright - Christianity Today published a fairly lengthy profile of theologian N.T. Wright. I read a quote of Wright's in a book recently, "Christ the King" by Tim Keller, and was impressed with the eloquence (marriage of meaning and beauty in the words he chose) and have decided to see if I can't find Wright's book on worship.

Why I Defend Muslims - Yet another serious article. I know, I know, but this one is probably the one most worth reading! Skye Jethani, author of "With," explains why he represents Muslims differently than a lot of evangelical Christian speakers and how it pertains to living out the Christian faith and bringing others to it.

Lastly, here's a tongue-in-cheek crash course on how to ask about adoptive families: The basic rule is, "if you wouldn't say it about a boob job...." Enjoy. Haha!


Abby said…
Wow, again you find weeeeiiiiird videos....
I shall attempt perusal of the other things at some later time. :-)
Abby said…
Skye's article was good, she's a good writer apparently.

And I can't read the whole article on Wright, as I have to "log in or subscribe"...

Dunno if it was from the missionaries, but I've heard of the turning the characters into things you see for learning Chinese, sounds like a good idea to me! :-)

And the Buzzfeed article was boring, didn't seem well done, but that might be because of the format (interview versus actual article or whatever it's called).

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