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The Miata Diaries: Buying my dream car

I've liked the Mazda Miata roadster since I was about 11 years old.

I called it a "Mrs. Peel car," alluding to one of the characters in the old British TV show "The Avengers" that I and my siblings watched growing up. Pretty much any cute little roadster qualified as a Mrs. Peel car.
Yes, it's an old TV show...

But I was able to see a Miata in person -- even sit in it -- when my parents visited a used car dealer to look for a minivan. I thought it was the bee's knees.

Even after I bought my first car of my very own, I realized my taste in cars hadn't changed much. I loved small and I loved stick-shift. And I still liked a Miata. So when I made a "bucket list" of things I definitely wanted to do sometime in my life, owning a Miata made it on the list.

And now it's checked off.

I bought a 2007 Mazda Miata touring car last week and can hardly wrap my mind around it. I own my dream car. How is that even possible??

But I love it. I can't wait for the weather to warm up. Six speeds (yes, not just five) with the top down ... ah, the thrill of it!

Since I've told people about getting my dream car, I've had several friends tease me, between chuckles, with cautions about it being a "man magnet."

"I heard you were looking at a 'look at me, I'm single and want to met a guy!' car today. Found one that's a convertible and in red even," one relative texted me early on in the car search. I had to chuckle. And when I told another friend I'd probably do mostly country driving in it, zipping around the rural roads and such, he was like "... but you'll only meet cows out there."

Retorting in the same joking attitude, I told him that some of the local cops were quite handsome. :P

But in the seven days I've owned this thing, I've had to wash it twice. And both times within hours after I washed it, I know it attracted guys' attention. One, driving a white muscle car of some sort, pulled up even with me and revved the engine a little. Another gave a wolf whistle.

It's quite entertaining, really, the reactions a classy roadster will get in a small town.


Abby said…
wait, I thought you had two male relatives tell you that your dream car is a chick sports car, not something guys would like??
Sarah E said…
I've had people say it's a "chick car," which implies guys would not buy it for THEMSELVES. However, I've also had it called a "man magnet," which means guys' attention would be drawn to it if driven by SOMEONE ELSE. See the difference? :D
Diana Hayes said…
Wow! Owning your dream car is truly a feat. Yours looks so good, and I have no doubt that it can really make heads turn. You certainly picked a choice for a dream car, Sarah. Take care!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru
Jacob said…
It really is an amazing feeling, isn't it? I hung a picture of my dream car on my wall, looked at it every day, imagined being behind the wheel, and even test drove it a dozen times. Today I wake up every morning in shock that I actually own that car that I had dreamed about for so many years.

Jacob @ Bestway Autos

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