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The TARDIS explained to a non-Whovian

Yes, I know my blog has lain dormant for some time. The reason? My laptop died a couple of months ago and I still haven't gotten the new hard drive for it. I suppose I don't want to face actually having lost a bunch of photos and music I hadn't backed up. At least I didn't lose my documents!

But as a slight interruption to this extended hiatus, I present the following exchange I had tonight with a co-worker. I copied this verbatim from our inter-office IM, where I'd just mentioned the TARDIS in a conversation about Halloween costumes. Whovians, prepare to be amused.

Paginator: I looked up tardis and read an urbandictionary definition and am even more confused

Me: umm.... so it's basically a time travel spaceship in disguise as a phone booth

Paginator: back to being speechless

Me: it's a big deal in the TV show Doctor Who. And it's supposed to be able to shapeshift into pretty much anything as a disguise, but the shapeshifter part broke so it's stuck being a phone booth.

Paginator: are they going to fix it?

Me: no... long story short, it's basically the last one of its kind and there aren't any spare parts for it. Kind of like a Ford Pinto or something

Paginator: that sucks. Do they still use it as a phone booth or did they throw it out?

Me: no it still travels and all that, it just looks like a phone booth. The phone doesn't actually work that well

Paginator: oh, that's better than just a phone booth

Me: yeah, it's pretty awesome. it's also bigger on the inside, like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. You walk in and you find out it's like as big as the Starship Enterprise inside.

Paginator: or the bottle from I dream of Jeannie

Me: yeah, that too. Except I think that bottle only had like one room, didn't it?

Paginator: I think you're right.


Abby said…
Wow, the person understands I Dream of Genie, but not Dr Who??

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