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College post, again?

You must understand, I have been filling out applications and writing essays for awhile... it's about time that I get some reward, don't you think? :-P So I got a huge packet from a college in Ohio yesterday, containing a letter of acceptance and a bunch of paperwork in case I should actually decide to attend there (which looks more than possible at this point).

Now, what would be my reason for attending college? Did "my parents urge me"? Some, I guess.. but it was pretty much my decision. Is it because of "dating"? Now, where in the world would someone pay thousands of dollars a year just for a random-match dating service?? Or, was it because "I want to get out of the house"? Heh, not really. And those were real answers to that question, presented on the room/roommate preferences questionnaire.


MutantJanitor said…
you mean you didn't apply to a college to get your MRS degree?

i'm still proud i graduated from my school with a true Bachelor's!
RS said…
oh funny....... I've never heard that joke before! I think I'll have to use that on somebody.... *evil grin*

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