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A list of Hitchcock movies

At one point, I was requested to list the Alfred Hitchcock movies I have seen in my life. Now, I thought it would be pretty easy, but since I could only remember about five (The Birds and Psycho among them...) I looked him up in the movie book so I could get the other names. Here's what I came up with:

Hitchcock... lemme think, I saw The Birds, and Saboteur and Sabotage (easily confused sometimes...), Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, Dial M for Murder, Foreign Correspondent, I Confess, The Man Who Knew Too Much (I think that's the one where Doris Day sings "Que Sera"), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (although that one wasn't a horror film), North by Northwest (I like Cary Grant in almost everything), Rebecca, and Suspicion. I'm sure I've seen Notorious and Strangers on a Train, but I can't remember them really well... and there was one that had something to do with pi... it was some sort of secret society... but maybe it wasn't a Hitchcock after all. My goodness! That's a lot of movies...

And it is! Really, that's a ton for me.


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