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A final Christmas tally

It seems so odd, that in a season of holy celebration, we become the most material of men.

But enough of the philosophizing. This is a summary of my Christmas gifts, for which I am very thankful:
--a pair of silver & green earrings
--a battery charger & batteries
--Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (with Butler & Rossum)
--a pink journal
--a pair of blue earrings
--a notepad
--a pair of cross earrings and a matching cross necklace
--Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits CD
--a Best Buy $20 gift card
--a $100 bill
--and a sewing machine.

The sewing machine is an old one (my aunt, just shy of fifty, had an identical one in high school), and the cabinet used to be my great-aunt's before she died. The cabinet will have to be altered slightly for the machine to fit in (the machine has an automatic buttonholer which adds a bit of width to it), but that's nothing. I now have my very own sewing machine, which I rather think I will take to college with me.


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