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Biking yet again

I should make a whole category for bikes, really.

So a five of us biked about twenty miles yesterday evening before sunset! Same route as my last twenty-mile ride, only this time we actually found this little ice cream stand just beyond the place where I turned around last time. We got ice cream, enjoyed ourselves, took pictures and went back (just in time for me to get to my small group meeting). It was my fourth ride on this route, I believe.

I must have a good bike. I'm not sore.

In other news.... I scheduled classes today.... um, I'm helping with the latest drama production's costuming.... yeah, just random stuff. Pretty much enjoying my last few weeks of freshman year.


mafia said…
No kidding you have a good bike, mine is uncomfortable to the cemetary much less 20 miles!

Which five?

Was the Ice cream good?

How long is the trail? or does it ever end?

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