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"Carol of the Bells" out of season

I just saw the movie "August Rush" last night... and it was really cool. (I loved the music in it.)

It made me think of this guitar piece I saw on YouTube a long time ago....


mafia said…
How did he do that?

Was August Rush interesting? (I don't remember anything about it, and haven't seen it)
RS said…
Hitting the strings at the frets is sorta like plucking them while holding them down at that given fret. It's pretty cool; I can't do it nearly that fast.

Yeah, I actually sorta liked the movie. Robin Williams was the bad guy for once! The music was the best part of the movie though. You might be able to find the soundtrack at the library or something.
mafia said…
Can you do it though? It seems really weird, it almost seems like he's got it plugged into something.

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