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Surely it's not been this long!

My goodness, was April 30th really the last time I posted here??

Well plenty has happened in the first ten days of May. I had my last class day of the year; had not one, not two, but THREE days of choir concerts (well, two days were tours to area schools and the third day was the actual hour-long concert); attended two concerts in which I actually did not perform (one conglomerate band concert and one large choir concert); finished a video project of which I'm quite proud; and generally had plenty of time on my hands even after I'd done all the work I was supposed to do!

I even got time to sing with friends again, hanging out after the band concert. We had four parts at one point, and we blended really well! Fortunately everyone reads music better than I do, so I can simply sing the soprano part that I know and the rest can do whatever they want with harmony. :-)

We've had really good weather for awhile now too.... until about two days ago. It got dreary and drizzly, so I couldn't fly my kite. I still haven't caught a good windy day for it. I'll get one eventually though. There's always wind in spring and fall.... although it's probably more pronouned in fall. No importe. Voy a divertirme esta semana.


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