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Books these days

Since coming home from college, I've pretty much buried myself in reading... well, it keeps me busy till my job starts anyway. I just got into "The Princess Bride" finally... you'd think that, after having loved the movie for who knows how many years, I'd have read the book by now, but nope! And I love the movie, so I rather like the book. The author's sense of humor is amusing.

But before that, I finished "Wuthering Heights." I thought I might like it more than I did, since Emily Bronte's sis Charlotte wrote one of my favorites books, but the characters, especially Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, in "Wuthering Heights"... are just entirely too dark, too... inconceivably cruel, unbelievably inhuman. Sure, it was a fascinating book, and it makes one wonder about the depths of human depravity that one can sink to; but there is little to redeem the characters, almost nothing to help one to pity either the lady or the beast. (I still cannot call that character a man; that implies too much gentleness.)

And it didn't seem quite so dark when I was reading it, sort of; it settled after I finished it, how bleak was the setting--the lonely moor with two houses, the lonely families that are hated neighbors and hating.

I read "Alice in Wonderland" this past weekend, but didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would. It's a little too fanciful, perhaps, or just not my type of humor. Dunno. I decided against reading "Through the Looking Glass."


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