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Heh, it's been awhile apparently. But I did start my job!! Second shift isn't conducive to my internet presence though; seeing as we have dialup, I have to spend as little time as possible online during the peak calling hours, which leaves open only the hours during which I'm at work or sleeping. But that's what the library is for, right? :-P

Quite a bit has happened...

The car died. My poor little car. :-( Well, not mine really. Just the old family car that I got to tool around in.

I started my job, as I mentioned. Not too bad. Easy. Keeps me on my feet, that's for sure! And I whistle or sing a lot while I'm working. Somebody actually noticed it last night and asked what I was singing.

Got to see three of my best friends from college! And I'll get to see one of 'em again the weekend after this one. I don't know how I'll survive in the meantime. :-P

Camp is coming up... so I'll be absent (again) for a few days.

And I just found out that a couple of my friends from college just got engaged. (Facebook is an astounding communicative medium, don't you know?) Los novios are less than five months older than I am! That's just crazy.


Guitarlady said…
Camp photos?? I want to show some folks! :-)
RS said…
All right, I will. Probably tomorrow. :-)

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