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Guitar + chords = songs

It's as simple as that!

My most recent additions to my songbook (bringing the total in my book of songs to 74) were the words & chords to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "Lean On Me." Well, I haven't yet written in the chords for that last song, but I know them. It's quite an interesting chord progression! (1-major to 2-minor to 3-minor to 4, or in other words C-Dm-Em-F for most of the song.) I'm quite proud of myself that I actually figured that out on my own, while fooling around on my cousins' piano. Yep. All outta my head. :-D (Oh, here's a decent YouTube video of it.)

For Raindrops, I just transposed them out of a book.


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