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Another one bites the dust, but chivalry still lives

Friends of mine recently broke up, amicably I think. Apparently college romances come and go; and maybe that's the nature of it. But still.

On the flip side: apparently a friend of mine did a very chivalrous act recently, and got himself in the young lady's mother's column. Read the whole story, but the gist of it is:

...No, what expired was the idea my 16-year-old daughter would have an escort to her Homecoming, a mere two days away.

The date, let's call him Dudley, "Dud" for short, canceled, his excuse being something along the lines of, "My new girlfriend doesn't want me to go ... I am a spineless wimp ... sorry I didn't call earlier, like a month ago, and I am an idiot ... OK, bye."

....Thursday night our phone rang again. It wasn't Dud; it was Bobby. He asked if he might have the privilege of escorting my daughter to her Homecoming. Big points for Bobby, at least 100.

Bobby showed up Saturday night, in a crisp gray suit. 50 points. He presented my daughter with an expansive bouquet of flowers. 75 points. He inquired about my husband's livelihood. 20 points. He opened doors and pulled out chairs, add 60 more. They had the time of their lives. 120 points. He brought my daughter home safely (1,000 points), and asked her to his Homecoming in two weeks (300 points).

Final score:
Dud: -25,575
Bobby: +1,725
Now see? This is what makes a guy not just a guy, but a young man. And I only know a few young men like this--no more than I could count on one hand!


mafia said…
your link didn't work.
Anonymous said…
mothers like that scare me. probably why i never dated in high school.

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