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Whew! What a storm!

Wow.... I just had a very extended weekend break because of wind.

You know that hurricane that came by a couple days ago? Mr. Hurricane Ike? Yeah, that wind.

You see, though I am far inland, apparently the residue of the hurricane was still strong enough to knock down trees (both here on campus and around town), knock out power lines, and generally wreak havoc with life. So from Sunday supper till Tuesday lunch, we had no power except what was being generated in the student union and the cafeteria. And batteries....

So we learned to have FUN without electricity! For the most part, anyway. We played draw-pass (basically Telephone on paper), poker, euchre, volleyball, foosball, and a game known variously as Liar or B.S.; I took a couple bike rides, both with and without friends; played guitar and autoharp, and sang; and generally just sat around shooting the breeze.

Of course, we did have Guitar Hero hooked up to one TV in the student union for awhile, and SGA showed a movie Monday night too; but those were the peripheral events.

Oh, and we all had to sleep in the gyms (guys in small gym, girls in large one) Sunday night to ride out the worst of the storm. Not exactly my cup o' tea, but it was moderately fun. I didn't have any trouble sleeping on the hard floor, amazingly enough.


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