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Morning Poker and Midnight Parks

To tell the truth... I forgot my laptop at home last weekend... therefore, I have had less access to the Internet than I would like, and have needed to use it on other things (such as homework). But I have it now!

Friday night... or perhaps Saturday morning... I spent hours playing poker. Now, I'd never known the first thing about poker till Labor Day, on which date I played a few rounds to learn, at a friend's house. (At least now I know the rudiments of Texas Hold'em.) So after watching a movie on Friday, we all decided that we didn't want to watch yet another video, and broke out the poker chips instead. I had some nice multicolored piles by 1:30, when we had to leave the apartment for the night (visiting hours... such is life on a Christian college campus, you know). At one point the owner of the poker chips was sure I was bluffing--when I actually did have a pair of kings in my hand--and I pretty much took all his good chips and left him with some ones and maybe a few fives. :-D

Saturday night I had to work... but I ended up at another apartment after that, so it was fun. And of course, last night we pretty much just had yet another bit of fun! Watching Disney movies, of all things. Oh, and we went to the park before that. No, really! The park is fun. At one point last week we had a dozen or so people there (at about midnight no less), and crammed.... I think eleven people onto one seesaw. Five on each side and one guy standing in the middle.


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