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Caution: freezer contents aren’t frozen forever.

Yes, here it is, the third (and final, I think) installment of the freezer saga, posted early because I was in a writing mood and had a little time. (Parts one and two previously.)

So, there I was, happily pulling spices and rye flour from the tub on the kitchen floor and loading them into a plastic basket to be put into the chest freezer in the garage.

*Sniff* something smells strange…

very strange.

Turns out, Mom accidentally left a cow tongue out of the kitchen freezer.

A cow tongue, you see, which was now very stinky, smelly, gross, and unappetizing.

(Not that it was ever meant to be appetizing in the first place. The cow tongue was an AWANA Council Time illustration piece that my mom has used for years—ever since I was in AWANA, I think, so nigh on eight years now. For those who don’t know, AWANA Council Time is like a short children’s Sunday School meeting.)

Back to the cow tongue. To make things even ickier (is that a word?) this cow tongue had leaked… some type of fluid along part of the bottom of the tub. (The little plastic bag of garlic was compromised, I believe.) So, not only did Mom and I carefully dispose of the green-and-gross cow tongue (with the help of many plastic Wal-Mart bags), I also had to thoroughly wipe each and every item that had come near the tongue or been sitting at the bottom of the tub. Fortunately they were mostly glass jars of spices (except for that aforementioned baggie of garlic).

And of course I had to thoroughly clean the tub. But that was a given.

So after getting those spices into the basket, I pulled out a lot of frozen meat from the kitchen freezer for my brother to put into the chest freezer in the garage. Then I turned my attention to the cooler full of a large turkey and little bags of rhubarb—those frozen food items which had somehow survived the original paring-down of questionable foodstuffs.

*opens cooler lid*


OK, so I didn’t really faint. But the stench was rather nauseating.

To make things really fun, that large turkey—still intact, within its intact plastic wrapping—had ballooned up as far as the filled cooler could take. That wasn’t a very good sign, so I gingerly picked it up, with the hand that was wearing a rubber cleaning glove, and placed it directly into another handy-dandy black garbage bag. I tossed the rhubarb in right after it.

(I later heard the turkey pop like this:


as I was taking more things out to the freezer. Thank goodness it was after I’d put it in that black garbage bag.)

Then, after so disposing of the turkey and the rhubarb I discovered… the icky reddish goop in the bottom. And shut the lid pronto. There were still two icey things (freezie packs… whatever those things are called) left in there, but I wasn’t about to dip my hand into that mush, glove or no glove.

So what does a girl do when such a situation defeats even her brave soul? She calls her brother, of course.

And, this girl’s brother indifferently agreed to take the cooler out off the back porch and dump it. I don’t think he was fully aware of the stench trapped inside. (And really, I did warn him it would smell!)

To my credit, I took the black bag of ickyness out to the garbage can myself. :)

And so ends the saga of the freezer. With only one week left at home, I have reasonable hope of escaping another such adventure… for now.


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