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The saga of the freezer continues

So, you may now read the rest of the freezer story….

We left the freezer on the driveway for a couple days to completely thaw out, defrost, and otherwise be rid of the layers and layers of ice coating the entire inside. We even tossed out some large ice pieces partway through the defrosting process.

And then came cleaning. Which involved turning the freezer on its side, thereby dumping the goop (and gross bit of meat that had been embedded in the ice), and aiming the garden hose into it.

I got all wet. Not comfortable.

Anyhow. Once the gunk and grossness was generally removed from the freezer, it needed a thorough scrubbing. I had to go to work, so Mom took over from there.

I returned to find a shiny white freezer sitting upright, drying, in the driveway. Very nice.

It sat that way for a while. Not so nice.

We finally got to move it back into the garage, where it belonged, after it had sat out for a couple days drying from the thorough cleaning. Of course, we picked the one day it rained, so it had to sit drying in the garage for a little before we could even plug it back in.


But, inside the garage it went, with the cord hanging up to dry to make sure we avoided any sudden shocks. And then, I plugged it in the next morning, and that evening put some food back in the large freezer, thus rescuing several spices from a tub on the kitchen floor and relieving an overstuffed kitchen freezer.

The stuffed cooler, on the other hand… will have to wait for another post. Maybe tomorrow.


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