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I wrote a related post on my college admissions/marketing blog earlier, but I think it warrants one more essay...

A recent blog post on Boundless passed on some "promises of life" that a Willow Creek Church youth leader had said "gives a person the ability to live in the world as a grown up." Those were:
1. Life is hard.
2. You are not that important.
3. Your life is not about you.
4. You’re not in control.
5. You’re going to die.

The list rings true, though it also sounds pessimistic.... and the idea was that, once one understood these five truths, one could really be called an adult.

I can tell you that "life is hard" sounds like "life isn't fair," what my parents have been telling me since I was old enough to understand spoken English. And frankly, though I may play a major role in certain people's lives (my sister, for example, or my roommate), my role in the lives of most others is minor--I'm not that important.

My life's not about me? Well that's an easy one. According to the Westminster catechism, man's purpose is "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." It's about God, which I've been taught for probably ten years so it's not exactly breaking news. And of course, God's also the one in control... not me. (I think I would be aware of the fact if I really were in control! Kind of hard to miss.)

And yeah, I'm going to die. The world's mortality rate is still 100%, always has been--everybody's going to die sometime. In light of everyone's approaching demise (the only difference is the rate at which that demise approaches), I've found it valuable to consider how I am living my life at the moment--whether I am loving God and serving others as I ought, and to remember what is really worth my energy. (I'd say family and friends, over trying to earn a ton of money or accumulate lots of clothes or whatnot.)

So I guess I can at least say I'm on the road to adulthood.

P.S. If everyone graduating with me next month were fully aware of these five realities, would it make a difference to the various places in which they'll end up?


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