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Hah! Take that, senior year!

Saturday and Sunday…

  • I helped get the last issue of the campus newspaper to press (seven hours in the Mac lab)
  • I played my little part in The King and I, twice (roughly ten hours)
  • I went with the cast to an after-performance Steak N Shake run (roughly four hours)
  • I slept, some (six hours Sunday morning)
  • and then went to Sunday School
  • I spent the rest of Sunday wearily finishing a ten-page paper due Monday
  • then relaxed by watching Oklahoma! with a couple friends, and taking a walk (roughly four hours)

And tonight, I pulled together a 37-page portfolio. Don’t worry; I only had to write five or so pages of it. The rest was a matter of finding the pieces… and formatting them… and making up the cover page… yeah. I’m tired. But I’m glad to be (nearly) done.

Oh, and yeah… I got a job, and will start right after I graduate. Full-time reporting job, and not too far from home so I can still see my sister from time to time. Talk about a blessing from God.


mafia said…
I like that addendum. :-D
Sarah said…
I do too. :D

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