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What would it have been like to write about the birth of Jesus in AP style?

BETHLEHEM, Judea—Rumors about a baby’s birth in a stable have been confirmed. Jesus, son of Joseph son of Jacob and his betrothed Mary, was born early yesterday morning in a stable-turned-lodging in the city, according to the stable’s owner and census officials who stopped there mid-morning today. The couple journeyed here from Nazareth in Galilee to comply with Caesar Augustus’ census.

Still unconfirmed are rumors that heavenly beings appeared to shepherds in a field outside Bethlehem. No other witnesses to the event have been found, but several sheep were discovered unattended late last night and their shepherds eventually located in the vicinity of the stable. They claim to have been sent there by the angels.

The baby is destined to become the Jewish savior, according to his father Joseph. The royal priests and prophets were unavailable for comment.

It is also unknown whether the bright star first noticed at the first hour of the morning yesterday was related to the baby’s birth, caused by some other event or simply another unexplained astronomical phenomenon.




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