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Top ten reasons Thanksgiving is better than Christmas

10. If you’re born on Thanksgiving, you don’t have to suffer sharing your birthday with a major holiday every single year, world without end, Amen.

9. You can celebrate in October and nobody looks at you funny. Or if people do, you can tell them you’re Canadian. Visiting family overseas gets so much simpler.

8. It’s more fun to whoop like an Indian for the class play than to pretend you’re scared of a short angel in the Christmas pageant.

7. Sometimes it’s actually warmer than 45 degrees on Thanksgiving. On Christmas, the best you can hope for is snow to go along with the freezing temperature.

6. It’s always a Thursday, so you’re practically guaranteed a five-day weekend. This year, Christmas is on a Sunday. Try figuring out your holiday then!

5. The point of the holiday isn’t lost in the commercials.

4. TURKEY STUFFING. Even better than hot cider.

3. Nobody’s afraid to tell me to have a happy one.

2. No gifts = no gift drama.

1. People all over the country stop to thank their family, their friends and God for the blessings they usually take for granted.

That being said—do you agree? Which holiday is your favorite?


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