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Compendium of Links #22

Why is it that the only time I post anymore is when I’m sending up a plateful of links? Maybe because it’s Christmas, ergo, I actually have a life. Weird. And even the compendium is a little late! But enjoy the links on this fantastic celebratory day!

The best bosses lead by failing—in other words, “humble leaders who embrace their failures are more effective and better liked, according to a new study.” No, duh. And why was this a study in the first place? Yes, I understand the importance of trust-but-verify. But this sort of thing seems like it should be left to philosophers, not social scientists.

A quarter of Europe has never used the Internet. Never. Ever. I wonder what that stat’s like in the U.S.? It’s probably higher than you think. The internet doesn’t have much relevance if you’re poor in Kentucky, after all.

If you need to write a sympathy card and have no idea what to say—and I’m with ya there—this guide might help. (Via Challies.)

What was the world Googling in 2011? That link, pointing to the newest Google Zeitgeist (German for “spirit of the age”), is the answer. I’ve seen this billed as “what the world was thinking about,” but I at least know that what I think of and what I Google are two different things. Sometimes they intersect, but more often than not, they don’t. So what do stats like these say?

Norad tracks Santa and gives kids lots of little online games to play. Oh dear. I’m not sure I really want a bunch of kids rotting their brains playing Santa games….. of course, I’m not a fan of much of any other game either…

Except for this one, Circle the Cat. One of the local high school teachers lets her students play this to help them develop their mathematical/logical thinking skills. It’s a little addicting, but I beat it in about five minutes. (And I just beat it again on first try. Sweet.)

I saw this on NPR a few days ago: A mugging victim offers the thief his coat, ends up treating him to dinner and receives his wallet back, out only the price of the meal. An interesting anecdote regarding human behavior and mercy.

And now, from my favorite a cappella group: Not a song.

An… interesting rendition of the poem!


da_baum said…
I filled in all the circles on the cat game. Because I could.

Yes, I am being productive this break... :P
Sarah said…
That game is addictive, though.

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