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Compendium of Links #23

I just spend an overnight with my college roommate and a mutual friend back at college. (Our mutual friend is a senior this year.) That was the first time I’ve been back when there were actually classes going on… I went a couple times over the summer to get the yearbook finished up, but I don’t really count those visits since I stayed in the Mac lab the whole time.

It was weird to be back, and yet it felt very comfortable. I even knew a lot of people there, mostly fifth-year seniors but several students who were a year or two behind me.

Anyhow. A small collection of the links I’ve found in the past couple of weeks:

“If I Were a Poor Black Kid” by Megan McArdle over at The Atlantic—this was an interesting essay drawing on sociological research into why poor people are, and stay, poor. Apparently some of the cultural stuff is different. Which may be why education isn’t necessarily going to solve the problem, but in some cases it can help.

Another bit from The Atlantic warns people to take infographics with a grain (or a heap) of salt. Because they can really play with the facts till they aren’t facts anymore.

The New York Times a while ago revisited an ethically questionable practice carried out in North Carolina a few decades ago—sterilizing a bunch of folks against their will (i.e. with parents’ or guardians’ permission). Apparently the state had an aggressive eugenics program from 1933 to 1977. The NYT came back to it because the state was thinking about paying restitution money to the victims. On my part I can hardly believe a state did that….

Lisa Robinson’s advice to be careful when critiquing worship songs should be remembered by everybody who thinks songs are getting dumbed down either musically or lyrically. Please. (And I direct this at myself, too.) (I think I found this via Challies.)

The theory of multiple universes is a poor substitute for God…. and is equally unscientific. That’s a link to one of Gene Veith’s posts, where he excerpts a lengthy portion of an article on the “multiverse” theory and asks some questions at the end.

This week’s video is just for the music: a mix between pop and rock and a little reggae thrown in. I rather like it! (Found via the Boundless podcast.)

Something about this makes me think the Beach Boys would sound like this if they were young and popular today. It feels like bubblegum music almost.


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