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Dependence on the library

I was all set Tuesday afternoon to walk over to the library after I got off work. (The perks of working in a newspaper: you’re downtown, where you’re also most likely to find the local Carnegie library.) But alas and alack, they closed early that day.

My library doesn’t normally do that.

Seems their server had crashed. They were going to reopen the next afternoon… except that they found another problem. Then they were going to reopen Thursday afternoon. Didn’t happen; the server problems mounted. Thursday night was a no-go, too.

They finally said they’d reopen today, Friday, and extended extra time for everybody who had stuff due that they couldn’t return. (Or rather, that the computer couldn’t recognize as returned. Because it was, in fact, laid up for the duration.)

And you know where I access the internet for fun? Yep, at the library.

I spent Tuesday night watching a movie instead of goofing off on my laptop at the library, even though I’d already watched said movie over the weekend. Oh well, I decided, if it was good enough to watch once, it’d better be good enough to watch again! (It was.)

So that’s why I was absent from my poor blog all week. Just don’t ask about the preceding two weeks…..


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