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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday. It’s all the family togetherness and gratefulness to God without all the stress of Christmas.

This year, I’m mainly thankful for my family and my best friends from college. I could have the best job and the most awesome possessions, but none of it would mean anything without them; but with them, I could be working at a school supply warehouse all my life and living out of a basement and still be happy!

But I’m also thankful for:

Peanut butter fudge

Sweet potatoes


Christmas lights

Guitar music


Car wax


Back pillows


The internet

Sewing machines


Card games

Facebook (never thought you’d see that on my thankful list, did ya?)

…and lots of other trivial things. But I digress.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday has officially come, I allowed myself the inaugural Christmas gesture: I put up my Christmas tree this morning before going to work!


It’s a Goodwill find, and it’s all intact and it even came with that tinsel hidden in the box. (The same day, I found the lovely angel tree topper you see in the photograph.)

At night, it shines through my Christmas-tree windows looking like this:


Isn’t it so pwetty? Smile

See, I didn’t want to do so any earlier because I hate the Christmas creep overtaking my favorite holiday. But at the same time… well, I bought this tree like three weeks ago. I really was kinda eager to get it out and dress it all up!

And I couldn’t wait for Saturday  morning. Oh, no. That would have taxed my patience to the uttermost.


Abby said…
So what time of morning did you put this up??
Sarah said…
Oh, well I was working the editor's shift on Thanksgiving so I finished putting the tree up around 10:30 or 11 a.m. I'd say. then I took the picture once I got back home from work. So you get both the nighttime and daytime versions. :)

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