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Life on my own #36: Mattress deductions

I came home from work this evening, carefully inching my way up the main street so as to avoid sliding on the new-fallen snow and crashing into the sidewalk.

I gingerly stepped one foot at a time along the sidewalk at home to get to my mailbox.

I saw a double-bed mattress sitting on the front porch.

Somebody, please explain to me what UD*  is doing with a mattress… oh, and a bed frame… on the front porch.

They’re not even set up so you can sit on them. At least then I might postulate that someone decided to experiment with living in the cool weather that Eskimos experience. Instead, the mattress is leaning up against one of the porch posts.

Also, the mattress is covered in flowers, as if it were the mattress my grandmother picked out to match the wallpaper. A lovely winter view for my front window, but not exactly your typical masculine print. All I can surmise is that it was acquired secondhand.

And if they remain there much longer – accompanied, in fact, by a strange station wagon that apparently wasn’t moved today from its little spot on the curb next to our apartment building (to judge by the accumulated snow) – I will have to guess that someone is either moving out again or moving in. Not really sure which.

I’ll have to take more lessons from Sherlock Holmes to work on my deductive skills.

*UD = upstairs dweller. You know, the one that watches “Friends” and likes to drag dead bodies up the front staircase.


Abby said…
How much snow didja get?
We got a bunch but not nearly as much as they were calling for...
Sarah said…
Oh we didn't get much. Weather service said 3.5 inches but I'm not sure I believe even that.

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