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Life on my own #35: Live-blogging the apartment (again)

Upstairs Dweller, a guy, usually works second shift. But for the last two days he’s actually been around here in the evening. Don’t ask me why; I haven’t a clue.

And tonight, as I was gleefully pecking away at my keyboard, UD did a few strange things.

He jingled his keys around upstairs. (OK, not so strange.)

He came downstairs and flicked the porch light on and off a couple times. Click, click, click.

(We have really loud old-fashioned light switches. They’re push-button style.)

He went back into the foyer and clicked a light in there on and off a few times. Click, click, click.

And only then does go back upstairs (to fetch his forgotten keys?) and then back downstairs to start up the truck.

Which didn’t catch the first time. Squeeeeak goes a belt.

It’s an ancient, two-tone Ford, I think, so I’m not surprised at the noises it makes. The ones produced by the Ford’s owner, however…


Abby said…
maybe he's OCD? or has obsessive compulsive personality disorder? or has OCD tendencies?
Sarah said…
Somehow I doubt it. :P

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