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Most viewed posts of 2012

The thing I love about these kinds of posts is that, though obviously canned and not creative, they’re still interesting!

Without further ado, the 10 posts of 2012 that gathered the most individual pageviews. Stats are drawn from the Google Analytics tool thing, and I have no idea how accurate they are, but they’re a decent starting point.

7 views – “LOMO #24: Guacamole,” in which I wonder why people first decided to eat a mushy Martian-green food.

7 views – “LOMO #22: Road tripping,” in which I picture an iPod radio broadcaster powered by miniature windmills.

8 views – “LOMO #30: Lists,” in which I complain about grocery lists.

10 views – “Reader interaction,” in which my beloved readers suggest topics to write about. (I have used some of them and do intend to hit the rest at some point!)

11 views – “LOMO #31: Jane Austen movies,” in which I make fun of back-of-the-box movie blurbs.

11 views – “LOMO #3: Patterns,” in which I describe, tongue-in-cheek, the progress of a sewing project.

13 views – “I’m going to have stained glass windows,” including a picture.

16 views – “Books for single girls,” which is pretty self-explanatory.

18 views – “LOMO #33: Live blogging the apartment,” in which I describe the antics of the UD* in such a way as to give the impression that he’s dragging a dead body upstairs.

19 views – “A Real Update,” in which I describe the difficulty of painting a bookcase with spray paint (and otherwise include real updates about my life circa April).

*Upstairs Dweller.


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