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Life on my own #37: Personal dance party!

An advantage of a large apartment is having space for a personal dance party.

A disadvantage of any apartment is having neighbors who will wake up if you have said dance party at 10 p.m.

An advantage of my particular large apartment, however, is that UD* and the other gal in this dwelling work weird shifts – second or third, or a varied odd shift – and are hardly ever home at 10 p.m.

This is where my eclectic iTunes playlist comes in, along with a set of hand-me-down computer speakers that are apparently high-quality. (Harman audio, or something. I don’t recall the brand name for certain.) That setup in the sometime dining room turns it into a great dance hall – complete with a hardwood floor, I might add.

Nowhere else would I be willing to dance as crazily as I do in that dining-room-cum-dance-hall. I would be far, far too embarrassed.

But in the privacy of my rooms, with the curtains pulled fully across the windows, I can headbang to The Beach Boys (let me hear some of that rock’n’roll music!) or even glide graciously to the sounds of Straight No Chaser (it’s the time of the season…). Break out the Latin dances for the songs from Corban or Enrique Iglesias or *gasp* Shakira. I might even pull out the Swing steps if the brass-band music calls for it.

It’s way more fun than going to the Y to exercise. And a lot less awkward. (Not that I’ve ever gone to the Y to dance crazily. They don’t let you blast music loud enough for that.)

*Upstairs Dweller. You know, the one that stores mattresses on the front porch. Pretty sure the floral double mattress was still there a week ago.


Abby said…
so you dance by yourself? Isn't that boring?
Sarah said…
I do, and it's not as boring as it sounds, actually.

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