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Compendium of Links #38

Indiana weather is pretty bipolar. We had snow the beginning of this week, then it warmed up enough on Wednesday that I ran outside and took a 1.5-mile walk along the river. Thursday I went up one of the boulevards and whiled away the time I walked by speculating on the floor plans of all the gorgeous houses I passed and judging which house was my favorite.

You don’t have to be superhuman to commute by bicycle – you can even wear jeans if you want! In the summer I commute by bike as much as possible, but I’m wearing khakis to work for the most part.

Extrinsic motivations aren’t all that effective – at least not when compared to intrinsic ones. A book review on the Evangelical Outpost.

The secrets of Grand Central Terminal, an interactive photograph. Mouse over the dots and you’ll learn all sorts of fascinating things about the place. My favorite is the whispering gallery! (Via Challies.)

This essay from a gay activist made the rounds on Facebook a few days ago, and it’s worth a read. Why Shane Windmeyer is friends with Dan Cathey.

On a related topic, a First Things blogger writes about “false hope and gay conversion therapy.

Too often, I have seen people who placed their hope in orientation change in this way come crashing down when they realized it wasn’t working. On a psychological level, it can lead to depression, to self-loathing, to suicidal tendencies. The message that the absence of successful change makes one a lesser Christian or some kind of failure is always present, either explicitly or implicitly. There is an undertone of condescension in the way some religious leaders promote orientation change, while magnanimously allowing that not every Christian is required to pursue it.

From First Things again, a writer reviews a book appropriately titled Jane Austen’s Anglicanism, grappling with this question: “Here is the problem of Austen’s Anglicanism in a nutshell: How can a professedly devout and decorous eighteenth-century Englishwoman be so full of malicious wit?”

Another Christian blogger writes on how to make church visitors feel welcome (without overdoing the greeting!). (Via Challies.)

A pair of essays I stumbled on via Boundless: How single women can be friends to young moms and how the moms can be friends back.

For your video entertainment this week, I present: My college roommate’s heartfelt parody of the Little Mermaid’s song.

Yes, she’s applying to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology. And I think this is awesome.


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