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New phone!!

I bought a new phone last week.

No, it wasn’t an iPhone, though I was thinking about getting either an iPhone 4 or 4S. They wouldn’t have service on the provider I’m currently using, so I decided, hey, what else is nifty and less expensive?

I found another pay-as-you-go provider that offered service on a very nice-looking Samsung Galaxy SII. Certain of its specs resembled the things I liked about the iPhone 4S — namely, the 8MP camera, but also the storage capacity, the touchscreen, etc. And this one could turn into a little miniature wifi hotspot for my laptop. And its provider, though also not my current provider, has decent service around here and offers a cheap plan with unlimited data.

So I bought it. The nice thing? I was thinking of it for a couple days—as I always do with large purchases—and then what do you know, I look again at the phone and voila, the site is running a “Breakup Day” special on Feb. 13, making the phone cheaper than I could find it on eBay.

That clinched it. The new phone arrived Thursday, I think, and I fiddled around with it over the last couple of days, exploring the Android interface. I think I’m going to like it a lot (especially considering how much I already use Google products).

I’m going to wait until a few days before my current pay-as-you-go month expires, though, to actually activate the phone. Means I have to be patient for a whole week…. I don’t know if I’m going to make it. (I think I will, but you never can tell.)

Is it funny that, as a journalist, this is my first smartphone? And the first phone I’ve ever actually paid a cent for? My last three phones were dumb little freebies. Serviceable, no doubt, but not a hint of snazziness. Smile with tongue out


Abby said…
so you can get purple gloves like mine and pretend to be smart while using your phone 'cause the gloves have "smart fabric" (?) in the tips of the thumb and 2 distal phalanx! :-D
Sarah said…
Haha! Actually they had those smartphone gloves on sale at Wal-Mart the other day so I did pick up a pair! Mine are black, however, and only have those things on the thumb and 1 distal phalanx. :D
Abby said…
technically the thumb *is* 1 distal phalanx. Your forefinger *is* 2 distal phalanx. ;-D

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