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Compendium of Links #45

My editor got sick Friday, the very morning I emailed her my spec pieces for that column I mentioned, so I have not heard any response from her. I'll definitely post when I do! In the meantime, entertain and inform yourselves with the following random links...

Only Canada, China, North Korea and the U.S. allow abortion after viability for any reason.

40 maps that will help you make sense of the world... including one showing where 29,000 rubber duckies made landfall after falling off a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific...

Which finally answers the question: How long would it take a rubber ducky to travel from the Hawaiian Islands to England?

Somebody went looking for a novel about women that's not about love, and thinks they're frustratingly rare. I'm not sure what the big deal is -- it's just as easy to learn from a guy's "going it alone" novel as it would be from a girl's. Unless, of course, you admit that guys and girls have fundamentally different ways of experiencing growing up! I wonder if that's what the author realized she was buying into?

When a Christian foundation interviewed some college atheists about why they left religion, a few things became clear: they had gone to youth group as kids, but wouldn't have anything to do with vague or superficial teachers; instead, they respected their solid Bible teachers. However, their decisions to embrace atheism were emotional.

And, a few lessons on evangelism from an unlikely convert -- namely, a former lesbian and lit prof who's now married to a pastor in a Reformed church denomination.

An Evangelical Outpost writer wrote not too long ago about how honestly Job went through his tragedy:
Job scandalized teenage me. He broke my nicely polished category of righteous suffering. Of course, that’s only because he was a better sufferer than I knew how to be. The teachers who told me that Job patiently, silently suffered did not understand the importance of questions in a broken world that begs for answers.

An interesting and perfectly plausible hypothesis about why church attendance has slumped: The same people come, just a little bit less often.

And the BEST web comic I've found this year: TheologyGrams! As in, theology + diagrams! Like so:

"Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors, Batman!"

Lastly, your video of the day: 50 common misquotations, presented by mental_floss and the inimitable Indy native, John Green!


Abby said…
Does that guy do other stuff? He kinda looks familiar...
Sarah said…
He did half the Nerdfighters videos. Did I show you some of those?
Abby said…
Doesn't sound familiar...

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