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If I start feeling sappy, I'll get a journal.

Lately, a huge chunk of my Facebook news feed has looked something like this:
I love the cute way [Manly] gets hiccups when he's been laughing too much.

My amazingly awesome wife surprised me AND my parents by driving up and fixing us dinner so I could stay here tonight and get a little more needed rest. Blessed to tears!

Love him #concertjunkies
Those are three real entries from acquaintances on Facebook... posted within the last two hours. There's more where that came from.

Remind me to get a journal specifically for sappy observations and scrapbooking couples pictures if and when I get a serious boyfriend/husband. Something tells me it will be more meaningful to have things like these written down for a significant-other to read now, and treasure later.*

Or maybe it's just me. But I can't imagine putting stuff like this up for the whole world to see. I'd rather share it with people that mean a lot to me. Family, close friends, you know -- but certainly not the whole 474 people I'm friends with on Facebook, most of them acquaintances of varying degrees.

*P.S. One of the best ideas I ever heard for a couples-relationship-building thing was to have a journal and write down one thing you love about the other person, or a reason you love the other person, each day -- and keep that up for years. I don't remember where I read about it, but it was a few months ago and stuck with me.


Abby said…
I understand it is a different sort of journal, but every time I see your title for this one I think "but you already HAVE a journal"...:-D
Sarah said…
Haha. You have no idea. I'm pretty sure I still have three that I haven't started.... :D

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