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I should post more, shouldn't I?

My, my, my. I've been so neglectful of this poor little blog over the last few weeks. Not least because I went on vacation!

So today was my second day back at work after my long-awaited, thoroughly enjoyable six days off. It was surprisingly not that stressful (c'mon, I work at a newspaper, it should be really really stressful!). I did have The W's song "The Devil Is Bad" running through my head, of course, in mockery of the new content management system which we've nicknamed SkyDevil. It's the main source of our frustrations these days.

Nevertheless, the pages got done early tonight -- when does that ever happen?? -- so I came home and watched "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." I had seen it once about four years ago, during sophomore year of college I think, but never since. It was surprisingly endearing, and now I pretty much want to watch everything that Joss Whedon ever directed. (That would be Firefly, and the companion movie Serenity, and the new "Much Ado About Nothing" that just came out, and... oh you know.)

And now I should actually sleep...


Wesleigh Mowry said…
I love how watching one Joss Whedon thing leads to wanting to watch everything he ever created! I had the same experience after watching Firefly :)
Abby said…
I'm sure multiple relatives would gladly watch Firefly with you over there...:-D

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