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Buzzwords that irk me

Bring together

...of these, "community" takes the cake. What do you even mean when you say "providing the community with this opportunity"? Do you mean you're going to let the 5-year-olds that live in your town have their share of the grant funding? What about the owner of the old barbershop that could use the money, but isn't actually eligible because it's not really open to business entities? Where or who exactly is your "community"?

It's such a broadly used word that it requires further definition - but that definition is rarely, if ever, spelled out. I see this all the time in print journalism, and I'm left wondering what common characteristic or interest is defining the "community" under consideration.

Maybe everybody should just re-read George Orwell's Politics and the English Language.


Anonymous said…
I hoped to see "now more than ever" on the list. such a meaningless phrase. It spiked in use post-WTC, and is still used as meaningless filler to make a statement sound more pressing and relevant.
Guitarlady said…
The one that irritates me the most is "professional". Everyone is supposed to be professional at work, but no one defines the term!
Sarah said…
Dan: Hmm, I hadn't noticed that one but now that you point it out, I can hear it being said innumerable times...

Mom: Haha, I knew I was missing one!

I just thought of another one, too: Moment. At this moment.... I'm thinking how much I hate that phrase. But that stems from overuse by a college chaplain. :P

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