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Evolution of an outfit

I sewed my own reenacting dress again this year -- so now I have two to carry me through a whole weekend.

It started as a roll of beautiful plaid fabric very similar to the Black Watch plaid. I cut out pieces, sewed 'em together, and before long I had the resemblance of a dress. All it needed was hand-sewing and some hand-hemming.

I was extremely pleased with it.

But there was a key ingredient missing... if you know me, you understand this.

But a plain hat was just unacceptable, right?

The black ribbon made all the difference.

I loved the black ribbon so much, I went back the next day and bought two more yards (for a measly $1.20) to tie around my hiked-up waist.

Then following the period-correct fashion counsel from my well-researched cousin, I bought a large silk handkerchief to top it all off.

All that to say... the accessories may have cost as much as the dress itself. But it's all worth it. Or, it will be when I pull off a Jane Austen living history presentation in a couple of years.


Unknown said…
Hi, Sarah! Love the dress and love the photos even more! I was
"craning my neck" to see behind the dress in the first picture and look at your beautiful house--wood floors and all--and wondering if that is light shining through a bookshelf in front of a window! It's beautiful! I love the additions you made to your period costume and love the sepia photo at the end! I enjoy photos entries! Keep it up! Love, Carol
Guitarlady said…
You're working on a Jane Austin living history presentation? How nice and SOOO apropos!!
Sarah said…
Carol: Actually the light is reflecting off of books, originating from a window catty-cornered to the bookshelf. :)

Mom: Yep, I first thought about it a few months ago and now am collecting research material!
Unknown said…
Ahhh . . . now I see! Thanks, Sarah! Post more photos as your house turns into your home! Love, C.

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