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Compendium of Links #54

I woke up at 7 a.m. to shovel new-fallen snow off my driveway before heading to church for praise band practice. That's a good hour or two before my normal wake-up time. I think a traditional Sunday afternoon nap is in order!

But before I get to that, here's this week's Compedium of interesting stuff I found on the Internet. It's kind of like the questionable trinkets children come home with. "Mom! Look what I found!"

Ham on Nye: The high cost of winning an evolution/creation debate - A really interesting, long take on the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, published on the Ars Technica website. The reporter appears to have done excellent research.

Courtdate: A generation of courtship culture on trial - Benefits and unseen consequences of the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" culture, and how one may right the imbalances.

If men got the Titus 2 treatment - A hilarious reminder from Rachel Held Evans that we oughta be careful to exercise good hermeneutics when we're trying to make rules out of what the Bible says!

"I am still called by the God I serve to walk this out" - Lucia McBath's teenage son was shot and killed in an altercation over loud music. An Atlantic editor interviewed her recently, and the resulting article speaks volumes about forgiveness amid overwhelming pain. More of the quote that gives the article its title: "Forgiving Michael Dunn doesn't negate what I’m feeling and my anger. And I am allowed to feel that way. But more than that I have a responsibility to God to walk the path He's laid."

If you think you're anonymous online, think again - NPR talks with an author who says, basically, that in order to remain anonymous in the Internet age you'd pretty much have to live in a hut in the Yukon. Data is the currency of the decade.

What happens when placeholder text doesn't get replaced - Placeholder text, often starting with "Lorem ipsum...", is the gibberish that designers use as pretend-text when they're trying to see how a design would look when they're in the drafting stage. And... sometimes... they forget to make it real text. The results are hilarious.

Ask Dr. Boli - "The 'poem' your English teacher desires you to write, however, is a prose composition hacked into short lines. You will often find that what you are taught in school is the exact opposite of reality, but as you grow older you learn to adapt to it instinctively." Dryly amusing pseudo-advice on writing a poem for school!

For your video entertainment today, David Tennant talks about being the Doctor and his first three cars. Also how he picked his stage name (his real name's David MacDonald apparently!).


Abby said…
David Tennant is quite amusing and rather classy for an actor...:-D

(I'll work on the rest later...)
Sarah E said…
Yeah, he is classy. Certainly classier than the TV show host (or most other public figures!).
Abby said…
The placeholder thing is funny, the poem thing is amusing.

Gee whiz, you read lots of internet stuff....and I thought the bit on friendship in the dating article interesting.
Sarah E said…
Haha... I do have an RSS reader that I use... :D And yeah, the bit on friendship there was probably the most obvious consequence I'd observed. Some of it in youth group, some of it in college, some of it even now in the youth group at the church I attend (at least I think so).

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