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First bike ride of the season

Yesterday I took my first bike ride of the year. Just a short one -- 3.5 miles was all I had time for -- but it was blissful to be back out on two wheels, taking in the fresh air and the gorgeous scenery in the setting sun!

This year I'm going to try to ride at least 6 miles on days when the weather is decent. And by decent, I mean at least 50 degrees out and not raining. There's a thoroughly shaded pathway I can take if it gets above, say, 85 degrees out -- in fact, you can see the general area of it in this photo (it's the part directly ahead with all the trees). Not the best when it's impeding snow melt, but great if you're trying not to dehydrate in summer.


Unknown said…
. . . so I waited all that time for the photo to download, and you're not even in the picture. I want to register a complaint. No, I will not sign my name . . .
Abby said…
*Sarah's pretending to be a photographer again*...did you use your special camera or your smartphone? (yes, I am just teasing you, it looks like a nice picture of course...)
Sarah E said…
Hahaha, Carol, I don't post too many photos of myself just to try to maintain whatever semblance of privacy is left to me, however if/when I have any of myself on adventures you might like to see I will try to remember to email them to you. :)

Abby, I used my smartphone! It actually has a pretty impressive camera (considering that's really an auxiliary function of the device).

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