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Compendium of links #58: Nerdy video edition

For once, it's a midweek edition of the Compendium! Mostly because I finished teaching ESL, mowing the lawn and generally getting things done so I want to do something that is fun. Like blogging. And sharing really fun nerdy videos.

Therefore, this entire compendium will be made up of nerdy videos I've found recently.

Doctor Who meets Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Another timey-wimey-themed video short:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time meets mariachi (or flamenco?) band:

How to multiply two (not more) numbers using lines: (Note on this one: It also makes you think about the possibility of a limitless number of dimensions... since you can always multiply by one more number... :D )

Batman meets Charlie Bit Me:

And finally, a Five Iron Frenzy song I ran across that is all about guys needing to take out their testosterone via nerdy video game pursuits and other seemingly pointless but competitive toys: (Don't miss the Lord of the Rings reference!)


Abby said…
So I watched the first two and decided they weren't funny, but the costumes are good in the Dr. Who one.

Also, this week for videos to watch regarding research, my course actually linked to the What You Oughta Know video. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Sarah E said…
The costumes AND the voice in that first one! But actually the only one that's really supposed to be funny is the Bitman one. The parody is only funny if you've seen Rocky Horror Picture Show apparently. (I just enjoyed it because it was a musical version and the voice and costumes were spot-on!)

And that's really interesting that the What You Oughta Know channel got referenced by a college class! Which video was it, and for what purpose?
Abby said…
it was
and the reason is because the class is on research and of course they do a great job of explaining things easily and well. And now I am watching more. :-D
Sarah E said…
That video is great! I don't think I've even seen that one. Haha, they're a little addicting...

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