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I got Pinterest?

So I interviewed someone for work about how she's using Pinterest for her business. Fact No. 1: She's not a wedding planner. Fact No. 2: I have heretofore refrained from signing up for a Pinterest account.

Well, I have one now.

What exactly does one do with Pinterest? I mean, besides waste time on it. I don't really know. And I waste enough time on Facebook. And I never was subject to that Pinterest mania I've seen so many other Pinners suffer from.


Wesleigh Mowry said…
I use it a couple of different ways:

1) For Inspiration - when I'm working on a new design project and need some ideas or references, I go there to review designs I've liked or to search the style I'm trying to recreate.

2) As a Cookbook: I save a lot of recipes to refer to later! I use it the basically same way my grandmother would clip recipes out of magazines and stick them in an envelope in case I ever need them.

3) Wishlist: I have a board of stuff I want that I direct my family to at Christmas (and they buy stuff from it! It's like a mini-registry, lol)

And, of course, wasting time, because sometimes the best way to end a day is to look at a bunch of movie stills and book trivia until you fall asleep :)
Sarah E said…
I was talking to another friend today who's into Pinterest, and I realized almost everyone who uses it for inspiration does so for very visual projects (in her case, sewing dresses). I realized one reason I wasn't that drawn into Pinterest was because I seek inspiration for word-based projects, where the sound and the idea are more important than whatever look there may be.

I've talked to a LOT of people who find recipes on Pinterest. Almost everyone I know who's on Pinterest also uses it for recipes, in fact, with one exception of a guy who finds carpentry project ideas there.
Sarah E said…
Oh and for the record, I HAVE determined that it's a great way to keep track of all the different maps I find -- and to find NEW awesome maps! :D

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