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Christmas singalong

The local theatre (theatre as in a place where you go see spectacular productions acted by troupes) hosts a Christmas singalong every year about this time, so we went again. It was soooo much fun. First a local high school choir sang, and their bell choir played one song (very beautiful). Then the organist came out and played; after the intermission, the MC and three of his buddies did some barbershop songs (absolutely great) and his daughter sang (she's also good). Then came the singalong part. We sang several old favorites.

One irritation: a couple old ladies in the front of us jabbered constantly. We moved seats during the intermission. And, wouldn't you know it, they left while the MC's daughter was signing - not after or between songs, but right during the song. And it ended just a few seconds later.... can't people learn some theatre etiquette? Such as waiting till the end of a song to quietly exit the theatre?

Well anyway... between the MC's daughter and the singalong, a man dressed as a train engineer sat on a rocking chair on stage and read aloud The Polar Express while another organist (a better one, in my opinion) made some sound effects. It was awesome. The other organist, during her turn to play, also performed the Hallelujah Chorus arranged for organ. Incredible.

And I will have to tell you about the theatre someday... it's beautiful inside, with decoration all over the ceilings and walls, and a huge chandelier. It has a story too....


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