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I'm alive!

Yes, and I'm well! And I'm not too busy this afternoon!

Mom is off singing some Tom Leher (Lehr? Laihr? Lair????) songs to my brother ("about a maid I'll sing a song, sing ricketyticketytin..." and "poisoning pidgeons in the park" and other such hilarities), my sis is reading another Mary Roberts Rinehart book, and Dad is working. Apparently if you're into mysteries, MRR is a good author, although her books are a bit difficult to track down. The InterLibrary Loan system is PERFECT for such authors...

I am nearly finished with the C.S. Lewis book I was working on this Tuesday; I do recommend it and all other C.S. Lewis books!

Dad found me a Rich Mullins tape at a Goodwill store this week. It's copyrighted from before I was born, but it seems to play just fine! And since I actually own a good tape player, I can play it to my heart's content (providing that I don't disturb my sister's reading). Such is contentment.

And, I suppose I should be starting on a Christmas list, since our families always ask for them at Thanksgiving. Here's what I've got so far.... it took me awhile to figure out, since I don't really want more than a couple things which happen to be rather expensive (read: a digital camera and a laptop). *grin*

earrings (especially silver ones)
digital camera
laptop :-)
college scholarships :-D
nice pens (and ink)

[digression: my uncle gets me a fountain pen every Christmas! I love them! They actually take real bottled ink! And he gave me blue ink last year that was probably older than me, but of course it still works because it was sealed in its bottle the whole time. Last year's pen was a combination pen-and-penci, depending on what end you used. Its bladder had to be replaced though, so it takes a bit to get it started. And the list continues...]

anything purple

"Phantom of the Opera" (new one)
CDs by Rich Mullins, Keith Green, Michael Card, or Simon & Garfunkel
"David: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary God"

BOOKS: (used is fine)
"Elements of Style" by Strunk,White
Jane Austen books (already have Pride & Prejudice)
C.S.Lewis books (already have Mere Christianity and Abolition of Man)
G.K.Chesterton books

So if anybody can think of something else I'd like, please remind me! I have a horrible time trying to remember everything I've seriously thought about getting this year!


carissa said…
have you read "The Screwtape Letters" yet? That's the best... very good...
RS said…
yeah, I've read it! And I really liked it, but I think my favorite is either "That Hideous Strength" or "God in the Dock". Have you read either of those?

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