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Fabulous college news....

or, some such title for a post that will generally include college stuff. :-)

Went to orientation this week - I know, it's odd to have it two months before classes even start, but it was pretty nice. Scheduled my fall and J-term classes; got a student handbook; received not one but TWO T-shirts. (One was given to everyone - one person per shirt and one shirt per person, that is - and the other I won after beating several people at keeping your balance while trying to knock the other person of their's.)

Called my future roommate today, and just sent her an e-mail. One of the things I told her was that I'm making curtains out of this fabulous stuff I found at Wal-Mart a few weeks back:

Fabric for curtains!

Nice and bright - it will sure help make our prison-resembling, white concrete block, old stained tile dorm room look cheerier. Especially if I use the rest to make a wall hanging or something. Not sure yet what I'll do when I've only used a few of the thirteen yards I bought and have a ton left over....

I'll probably put posters and maps on my wall, anyway. You know, a map of the city, a map of the county, a map of Ohio, and perhaps a large weekly schedule. A map of the U.S. would be nice too. Oh, and a bulletin board. Hey, that fabric would make a nice bulletin board cover!

I wish I still had that Rube Goldberg poster that God's World News sent us years ago.... the one that involved all kinds of pulleys, screws, latches, thingamajigs and animals just to turn on a light switch or something simple like that. That poster would be so funny.

Fortunately our room is a corner room, so our hallway is just a bit of a dead-end (very short); 'twill help keep people from walking past our door at three A.M.! (Although, curfew is one or so; there shouldn't be anyone up then....)

Anything else you'd care to know about miscellaneous pre-dorm preparations?


Sam said…
are you planning on having root beer keg parties at your room? if you are, i'll make the trip down...
RS said…
heh, don't think I'd have room for a keg of root beer after squeezing in my sewing machine.

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