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Camp time!

Yup, just got back from my family's yearly Camp Vacation. Now, we actually go to a camp-camp... not just campgrounds. So there are Sunday-school-type sessions every morning and evening, and something planned to do (or not) every minute of the day. It's our fun summer stay-up-late-and-get-up-early vacation; a great contrast to our winter laze-around-all-day vacation.

Anyhow... the theme was superheroes: "Save the Family, Save the World!!"

RS reveals her real identity!

Obviously, I was Batgirl (or Batwoman, whichever you prefer). I resembled the new one from Batman & Robin more than the original (who was a brunette I think). And the black cape was a skirt of Mom's that didn't fit so well; all I did was rip out the back seam.

The Mafia was Captain America, and my widdle brudder was a ninja:

The Mafia has gone undercover!

My brudder, the ninja

Don't we all look so good? :-) Mom and Dad dressed up too, but not with quite so much complexity. Dad was Superman (masking tape comes in handy trying to make that logo) and Mom was the Greek goddess of the hunt (Artemis I think is the Greek name; she also went by Diana). She wouldn't have been any superhero at all if we had not brought a wrong set of sheets, which she then used to rig up a Greek costume. She carried around our compound bow and wore a wreath of somethingorotherthatIpickedonmywaytothecabin to give people a clue as to who she was trying to dress like.

Of course, while taking all these necessary pictures, I fooled around with pictures of scenery:

Camp scenery

I took pictures of this lamp (or of the other two identical lamps) last year too, with my point-and-shoot; even those turned out not too badly, and I was very pleased with this batch. (Of which only one is uploaded at this point.)

[EDIT: aaack! I think my blog cut off part of that picture! Tell me if the right side of the lamp's cut off, will ya? I'm hoping it's just this small screen...]

Swimming was included in this vacation, as were kayaking and canoeing and tubing..... and the WACKY BOAT RACE was a blast (as always)! Photos forthcoming of the wacky boat that Mom, Dad, the Mafia and I put together.


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