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Dentistry & computers... never the twain shall meet?

I went to the dentist yesterday (in between spurts at the church blood drive where I was volunteering). First time in one and a half years. I need to floss more.

Got a gigabyte thumb drive on sale yesterday too (on my way home from picking up the van from the shop, in between spurts at the blood drive). Works great. Now maybe I'll have more MBs available on my computer of five gigs... well, only about three or two gigs when you consider that it had Windows 2000 on it, then I installed Windows XP. That all takes up quite a bit of hard disk space.

I'll use it mostly to store photos from my digital camera. And to transfer files whenever I need to - since I have no CD-RW drive, and may not have one till I get a new laptop in one or two years (I haven't decided yet).

What is the feasibility of living without a CD-RW drive for two years at college? Consider the digital camera factor as well as the thumb-drive addition.

Oh - is it "disk" or "disc" when discussing computers? What are the usage rules concerning these spellings?


Anonymous said…
are you referring to a floppy disk?
or a CD-R disc?
RS said…
umm... both. How come there's a difference? How did floppies get the k but the rest are stuck with the ol' c? Or are there any other "disks" floating around? Hard disk?

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